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Videos about the rewards program:

What I love most is that I customize this box every month and it shows up on my doorstep and saves me so much time not having to go around to various health stores like I used to years ago.

Also - as someone who has invested in natural products for over 10 years - I can assure you that the quality of everything doTERRA creates is incredible! The toothpaste, the mouth rinse, the skin care, the body care, the green cleaning products, the supplements, and obviously the world’s most amazing essential oils …
This program simplifies my life as all the products that I love for their natural potency … arrive on my porch!


This is the best rewards program out there and one of the only that recognizes your efforts in taking care of yourself in a healthy way!
We’ve curated specific boxes for you to order based on what your top health goal currently is.
Note - each of these collections equal at least 125pv so that you maximize all perks for the rewards program.


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