HOL:FIT personal development library

Welcome to your daily development library!

As you likely know by now - I’m a huge advocate for replacing TV, Newspapers + Social Media scrolling for daily PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TIME.

I even have it as a daily entry in the worksheets of The Beautiful Life Lab

I personally listen to an audiobook or podcasts for 2 - 3 hours every single day … I started this practice about 10 years ago but it was more like 30 min a day while I was driving or going for a walk.

Now - I wake up at 530am and listen to something while I do my VIP actions before the house gets up. And I still listen while I drive or go for a run. And then if I’m spending extra time in the kitchen or folding laundry - I turn my high level mindset on again …


The quality of your thoughts + the mindset with which you approach your life will create
an entirely different world for you to live in.

Did you know that according to the Neilson Report, the average American adult spends over
11 hours per day watching/interacting with TV + Social Media? 11 hours!!!
And did you know that the average home that earns under $25,000/year,
consumes 7 hours of TV per day?

So when we say the words “I don’t have time” there is always an interesting back story …