I’m so excited to have you join us for our upcoming Ready Set GLOW Detox!!

While essential oils are totally optional in this program - you may be ready to go deeper in your cleansing + lifestyle support with them.
I created this simple page to guide you in which oils you will find great benefit in for our cleanse week and in routines going forward.

When you open up a doTERRA customer account, you will be prompted to select a kit to begin with.
The kits are a smart way to start because the oils are not only bundled at a reduced price, but you will also have wholesale pricing access for a full year whenever you want to purchase.
Please know there are no monthly minimums or other obligations - you simply order whenever you want at 25% off.

I’ve created this special Ready Set GLOW kit for you as the best way to start if you’re planning to also do the detox!
It’s priced for the Canadian market at $373 and that includes your wholesale purchasing access for a full year.


Note - I can create a kit for you based on where you live if you want to email me at heyholfit@gmail.com

⏰ You will want to open up your doTERRA customer account + make your oil selections at least 4 business days
before our detox begins, to ensure they arrive to you in time.

I’m happy to hop on the phone for 15 min with you if you have any questions about the oils or how to setup your account - you can schedule that right here if you’d like.
To open up your doTERRA ordering account, click here

Another starter kit option is the the Home Essentials as a the best way to start because it gives you the Top 10
essential oils + blends along with a diffuser:


I’m going to list these oils below with the ways you will love integrating them during our detox week (and beyond).
And then I’ll make a few other suggestions of products you could add to your cart at the 25% off price if you wish …

In the Home Essentials Kit:


Lemon: This has different benefits in your water than fresh squeezed lemon juice. Both are great and I encourage you to alternate them throughout the day. Add 2 drops of lemon oil to your large glass of water 1-2x a day. Add 2 drops to your cleaning cloth + your dishtowels at the end of the day to say goodnight to your kitchen. This is beautiful on it’s own in your diffuser as 3 drops, or add it to lavender + peppermint (2 drops of each) to clear your body’s allergic response as the spring weather changes. Add 1 drop of lemon oil to your fresh juices + smoothies!

Lavender: You’ll use this in your detox bath, in your skin oil cleansing and to help with sleep at night. For the bath - add 5 drops to a drizzle of olive oil and run the water over your hand as it fills the tub. Also add 2 cups Epsom salts + 1/2 c baking soda to the water. Soak for 20 min. For sleep: run your diffuser near your bed 30 min before you crawl in. Lavender on its own is beautiful - I also love to combine it with Easy Air (2 drops of each). Smells like a spa and you’ll sleep like a baby! One more use will be for cleansing your skin. Add 1 drop to olive oil and massage into dry skin. It will dissolve makeup + dirt and then use a warm washcloth to wipe away.

Peppermint: You’ll love this for instant energy, for digestive issues and any detox headaches you experience. It works within about 30 seconds. For headaches: add 2 drops to your palm and then use your index finger to dip into it and massage into your temples (stay away from your eyes). If you experience any bloating or tummy aches - add 2 drops to a glass of water and drink. You can also massage 2 drops peppermint + 1 drop Frankincense with a little olive oil into your stomach area. For an energetic experience: add 1 drop to your hand and give it a little lick with your tongue and then rub hands together and deeply inhale for 3 breaths. You’ll want to add 1 drop of this to your coconut oil for your morning Oil Pulling ritual. You’ll also love a drop of this blended into your Nightcap Latte!

Frankincense: You will love this most for your skin - make a beautiful face oil for after cleaning by adding 2 drops frankincense to a tbsp of Argan or Jojoba oil and massage into face and with upward strokes on neck + chest. Frank is also heavily researched for it’s support with the brain and with spiritual connection. Adding it to your diffuser with peppermint or lavender is a nice combination

Tea Tree: If you have any acne pop up during the detox week - a dab of Tea Tree right on the spot will take care of it within 2 days. If you venture into making some green cleaners during detox week - this is a smart one to work with. Add 20 drops to a glass spray bottle and fill 1/2 with vinegar and 1/2 with water.

Oregano: Sometimes during a detox, there is a burden on your system as it cleanses out what has been released from the cells. Grab your oregano if you start to feel run down and massage 2 drops into the bottoms of your feet with olive or fractionated coconut oil and put socks on. Don’t take this one internally on your tongue - it’s too hot!

OnGuard Blend (immune support): This is a gentler immune support oil compared to oregano and can be used internally, topically and in the diffuser. If you feel a sore throat coming on - add 2 drops of this to a shot glass of water, gargle + swallow.

Easy Air Blend (respiratory support): Doing some hot yoga or time in the sauna during cleanse week? Massage 2 drops of this into your chest and then inhale from your hands. It opens up your breathing right away! Great in the diffuser with lavender too (2 drops of each)

Zen Gest Blend (digestive support): If you need to get things ‘moving’ during cleanse week, do the peppermint in a glass of water that I mentioned above and then massage 2 drops of this with some olive or coconut oil into your stomach in a clockwise direction. Apply a warm towel over top and relax for a few minutes.

Deep Blue Blend (pain support): You’ll love this blend if you have any aches or pains - add 2 drops to some olive or coconut oil and massage into area. This is a topical only oil, although many people love the smell!

some other oils + products to consider:

These are a few doTERRA products I could not live without - they’re super clean + effective.
You can add these to your cart at the 25% off price once you’ve selected your Home Essentials kit from the kit screen:

  • The natural deodorant (also comes in baking soda free)

  • The Verage skin care system (glowwwwing skin with this!)

  • The OnGuard toothpaste + OG Mouthwash

  • The LifeLong Vitality Supplements - an amazing nutritional baseline system for higher energy, glowing skin, stronger hair + nails, less pain etc.

  • Terrazyme supplements - digestive enzymes to take with meals to help all your nutrients digest, absorb + pass through the body effectively

  • Other essential oils I mention in the detox program:

    • Pink Pepper: massage into skin with olive or coconut oil after dry skin brushing. The Metabolic Blend is also good here

    • Yarrow Pom: a beautiful glowing skin oil to alternate with frankincense and lavender

    • AromaTouch Blend: brilliant blend to massage into achy areas or as a back massage.

    • Zendocrine Oil Blend: Massage 2 drops above stomach area for daily liver support. Could also use Celery Seed oils for this

    • Juniper Berry + Rosemary: 2 drops each for detox bath. Could also use 5 drops AromaTouch Blend for this

    • Turmeric oil: for add 1 drop to nightcap latte or crockpot of chaga tea

    • Celery Seed Oil: super high in antioxidants + boosts digestive and liver health. Brilliant to add to your fresh juices!

      I have other doTERRA products + health tools and grocery items to consider having for the detox over in the Detox Shop

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