I’m so excited to share this special collaboration I’ve done with Rocking Vibe!

We’ve partnered to create 2 special pieces for you …


From flannel shirts to centre stage, this HOL:FIT Legacy piece is a symbol of how you live your WHY daily.
It evokes your inner growth and strength, and connects you to the wisdom, clarity + creativity within.

Enter promo code ‘hol-fit’ for 15% off your purchase!


When you know it's time to show up and call her in…
You know what you need to do and you're ready…
To boldly & unapologetically give it what you've got Your energy is electric
You are a fearless force for change in our world.

Enter promo code ‘hol-fit’ for 15% off your purchase!

Would you like me to help you choose the perfect essential oils to wear on the amplifier piece on the back of each necklace?

Or do you have a more expansive interest in incorporating pure essential oils into your health + self care?
I have great info here if you want to learn or I’ll be in touch within a day if you’d like to fill in the form below

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