“Hi Ange,
Thank you. The work you do has had a profound impact on my life, both in the inspiration you are living out your light + in the way that you serve through the content you put out. What and how you share has changed how worthy I feel to create a life that's meant for me. It brings me to tears when I think about what a difference I feel in my life. I am profoundly grateful for you, and your family. I know this is your vision, I also know you create it together.” ~ MH

"Hi Ange, I wanted to say thank you for all the time, love, and passion you put into your podcasts each week. You offer so much wisdom and have continued to inspire and push me forward. There are two things in particular that I’d like to thank you for. One is your strong, unwavering belief in yourself. You are a strong force! But what I particularly love about this is that you preach (I love a good sermon 😉) that we should all have our own beliefs, our own path, our own truths. You do an incredible job of honoring who you are and also honoring (and celebrating!) others when they stand firm in their own light. Thank you. And the second heartfelt appreciation, and the one that moves me to tears, is how you love your children and how you hold such great respect around your role as a parent. I know firsthand how hard it can be for women to juggle owning their own businesses and parenting and how easy it is for priorities to get blurred and life to get chaotic. Thank you for demonstrating that we can be attentive, present, fulltime moms while successfully running a business. You are an inspiration. (I also love seeing how commited Chris is to his girls and how much thought he puts into parenting them. Hooray for dads who are 100% in it!) " ~ Denise

"Hey Ange -  I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say how refreshing it is to come across someone like you.  I love visiting your site because i find you so authentic and because of that you are set apart so greatly from all of the other holistic websites out there. What a breath of fresh air!! I did some schooling in holistic nutrition but I think having a coach is always an amazing thing. I often find that with trainers in the past, they just don't get my eating habits or why i choose to live the way i do...so i think meeting you would be a great experience. Thanks for all you do- i truly appreciate your honesty and relatability. Again - huge breath of fresh air. You rock!"  Tara :)


"Hi Ange, I have to say how much I love that You are exactly who I thought you would be - as natural/real in life as you are on the web.  I love the fact that you practise the health path you teach.  Your values and morals line up with my beliefs and I feel so fortunate having your example as I make my way in the world of health and wellness.  From what I know of you and your approach to life I can see that your daughters have an amazing mother and I can only imagine that your husband is the same way.  You are giving them a solid base and your love for your girls shines through." Georgina


"I believe we all deserve to know how great we are and how we impact others. For those who are motivated by serving others, feedback from others is invaluable. I just wanted you to know how amazing you are...I just have to say that you might just be one of the greatest people I have ever met. Seriously! I feel much gratitude for what you do for others and the many ways in which you have helped me in my journey towards better health. Never would I have known when I started watching your YouTube videos last winter that I eventually would come to love you and be inspired by you daily. You have so much passion, energy, positivity, brilliant ideas, and you are a gosh darned good person.  So blessed to know you and have you on my side. ;o) I'm thrilled to be doing doTERRA with you and to keep living the healthy life you taught me about. Keep it up Ange!! You are incredible." ~ Hayley xoxo


"I felt compelled to send you a message. Every day at some point you enter my thoughts and I'm so grateful to you for so many things. You have truly changed the way I live my life. From every angle your holistic approach to health has inspired me. I completed my level one Reiki on Friday and I thought afterwards about the fact that I was not always so open to pursuing things such as this. I am grateful to you because I'm on a tough road again after gaining quite a bit of weight but I'm not down on myself for it. Instead, I've reviewed all of your material and I'm excited to get myself back to a place where I'm feeling optimal. I'm also grateful to you for giving me the wisdom to teach my daughter how to live a super health life. She has a lot of options at her disposal that most of us did not when we were little. I refer to you every day to someone and always begin by saying "My Friend Ange.....told me this.....said that.....showed me how to....." So for all of this I just wanted to say Thanks. You are a beautiful connection that is with me every day. You're the best." ~R.L


"Hi Ange! I just finished listening to podcast #22, and wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I admire all that you do. You are truly amazing, inspiring, empowering and adorable! I love following everything you share - thank you for all that you do! xx" ~E.C


"Ange was a fantastic holistic health coach! I took her online coaching course and right off the bat the amount of information to get me started was outstanding! She gives you a complete overview of your lifestyle plan then goes into detail about every section. I liked how she embodied lifestyle, health and fitness into the holistic plan and didn't just focus on one or the other. She was always there to answer any and all of my questions and usually within the day or so which was great because I knew how busy she was so I felt that my questions mattered to her.I would highly recommend her! Thanks for all your love and support Ange!" ~A.C


''Working with Ange has helped improve not only my health, fitness and eating, but my happiness and sense of well-being. Her approach to health is so balanced, caring and realistic, that fitness and healthy eating are becoming a key part of my life, in a way they had never been before. The things I've learned in our training are becoming really healthy daily habits for me.'' ~A.M


"My experience with Ange has been amazing! I wanted someone different from what was around me and what I had personally experienced with health and fitness. I needed to feel a personal connection, and not the typical "business" feel attention many women face when wanting to change their lifestyle. I wanted someone who truly took the time and effort in explaining things and the assurance that whole foods and not counting calories could break me free!


"Now, I have seen and felt the difference in my body. Real food has such a healing power, and I thank Ange for reminding me of this and for giving me guidance. I did not feel overwhelmed with the plan she came up with for me, and it makes me appreciate the time and effort she put in with making this especially for me. I also loved talking on Skype! You're a gorgeous person inside and out, Ange and I want to thank you for helping me =)" ~ P. M


“Angela and I have been working together for a short while, but I truly appreciate her approach to optimal health and wellness. As a stay-at-home mom, running a busy daycare, I was having a REALLY rough time finding time for me. I knew it was important (by husband is a trainer as well)... but I had no idea how to fit it into my day. Angela used her creativity to build a plan for me. I was able to "fit" myself into my day seamlessly. I found Ange while looking at a friend's facebook page. Her personality came right off the computer screen. She had posted a month long challenge on her blog: www.hol-fit.com and I was the lucky winner of an entire MONTHS worth of her services at the end of the 30 day challenge. I knew she was good at what she did, but upon her first assessment with me, it was clear that Angela lives and breathes her successes. She walks the walk, and talks the talk. I always say: "Never trust a skinny chef...." well Angela is in great shape... and proof that you can always TRUST a FIT personal trainer and health coach.I love that her driving force is her love for her family too. I appreciate that she is real. She is a mom, just like me... but knows the importance of sweating at least once/day." ~ Julia K


Clients of the Ready, Set, GLOW Detox:

"There was so much new information about everyday foods and superfoods that I was not aware of! Loved being able to sample the different smoothies, share info with others."

"Thank you for organizing us, preparing us, supporting us and guiding us on this amazing week long journey!! I am thankful for taking the detox in soooo many ways!!! I learned things I didn't expect I would, felt ways that surpassed my expectations and am grateful for having this cleanse!! Can't wait to do my next detox.....kind of addicted to the way I feel and look!"

"As I finish up this awesome detox this week I feel really proud of myself and that I took the time to take care of myself. This body has done some pretty great things, carried two babes and battled an autoimmune disorder. So much inflammation is gone!"

"This week has been amazing. I feel incredible and lost a few pounds on top of that. Thank you for all the wonderful information. I will definitely take these tips forward as I ease out of the detox and beyond. You should see my skin....and hair!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE"

"Thank you for all of the amazing lessons this program has taught us. This week has been incredible for so many reasons, and I am so appreciative of the tools you have given us to make our lives GREAT! My body, mind, and soul are feeling it and I am excited to move forward knowing what we know now. Here's to a refreshed life!"

"Thanks so much for everything this week. It was just what I needed to go a little deeper into this healthy lifestyle I have choosen. I have learned a lot about myself (I can live without cheese for one) and I have really enjoyed watching my 3 year old learn along with me."

"Absolutely loved the oil cleansing last night and feeling great today!"

"I can already see changes in my skin! :) Can't wait to see day 7!"

"The daily lemon water, tongue scraping, and coconut oil as moisturizer has made my skin glow like never before, it's insane. My deep lines have also become softer. Coconut oil and lemons 4 life!"

"This week has been both educational and inspiring! It has helped me realize that health isn't about what you eat, or what routines you set for yourself. These things are about choices you make, so no I doubt I will juice every morning BUT yes I am happy to say no to more sugars and other choices that may come along. I'm happy to know that I can make these decisions for myself, not to use food as a reward system and also not to be upset if I do! Thank you!"

"This week I've learned that I can make a change in my life. I owe it to myself and family. As a Mom I'm always busy and putting others first. It felt great to value myself more and in return have more energy and a better outlook."

"Thank you for putting together an amazing cleanse. I have been trying to loose my last 5 lbs for several months and I am down 4 lbs.Thanks again to all of you! Your support, confessions and motivating words kept me going. I have gained tons of knowledge about being healthy that I can use for the rest of my life. Truly so happy I did this!"

"What an amazing experience! I feel like a whole new me. Along with purging 5lbs and learning that I'm not going to die if I don't have a morning coffee, I think I really understand the saying

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

I am so appreciative for this knowledge Ange - Thank you :) I'm excited to keep this journey going."

"This week I learned that a detox is not just about a body detox, but an all-encompassing life detox. As my body got stronger, I literally started rejecting negativity! I realized not only how toxic some of the foods I was eating are, but how toxic some of my relationships are. This was a wake-up call to limit those in my life so that I could be the best that I could be. I also learned that when held accountable, I CAN do whatever I put my mind to and that I do have the willpower to refuse things are are toxic to my body, particularly sugar, wheat, and caffeine."

"I learned a lot this week! It took a few days to 'get the hang' of juicing without a juicer and making time to prep dinners. This made me realize how little effort I put into the food I eat which can be the greatest form of medicine or the slowest form of poison to our bodies. Some big take homes were the MAGIC of dry skin brushing the slimming effects of whole foods. This whole program is SO COOL Ange and I can't wait to do it again!"

"I feel incredible. I feel free from the toxicity, caffeine, and sugars! However, my biggest win was my fiancé's new found love of veggies! We even went to a raw restaurant Friday night where he was in AWE of the tastiness of vegan goodness. I may have just sold him over - actually, Ange may have just sold him over! Thank you! xo"

"This cleanse taught me a lot about myself. I realized that I've been eating more than I need. Sometimes out of boredom, sometimes emotionally but it had become a habit. I also realized how strong I can be when I've committed to something. There were multiple temptations and I was able to get through the week without giving in to them. Thank you for all of your support and posts this week!"

"I can definitely say the first couple days were rough, with bloating, abdominal discomfort, fatigue, and irritability, but I've had so much energy today and one member at the gym even came up to me and asked me what I was on because he wanted some of it, as I was "glowing", yay!"

"I feel at my best and can't believe it happened all within a week! Thanks so much Ange -You have really changed my life in so many healthy positive ways even before the detox. I can't even remember how I first found you through blogs or podcasts. But I do know you stirred something up inside me and I am forever changed!" ~R.N

" I feel so good after this cleanse. My skin is glowing and I feel as if I've been nourished both on a physical level and on a deeper level. Without the focus on eating, it allowed me to take a deeper look at my life, what I'm ready to let go of, and what I'm ready to strive for. I feel so thankful to have had the community support this week. From this experience, I feel that I've gained more confidence in myself as well as tools that I can take with me in my future. Thank you Ange." ~ E.C

"This has been a great week. I have really enjoyed this cleanse and am happy to be WITHOUT coffee in m life!!! It was a tough go, but so easy to follow that anyone could do it. (I didn't feel good until Thursday) I am now on the hunt for a new juicer as I would like to continue the green juice living daily for a while longer (and my old Juiceman just won't make it!!!)" ~A.K

Clients of Eat Clean : Get Lean

"As a law student, my health often takes a backseat to stress and assignments. After ECGL, I feel like there are so many holistic things I can implement in my life to achieve my goals. Initially, I was interested in ECGL for the health tips, but it took on a life of its own and became a way to check in on my life to see what more I could do for myself and those around me. I am so much more aware of how I should be treating my body and myself." ~ Olivia T

"Ange's programs are jam packed with information presented in an informal manner. It allowed me to begin to build a healthier me! I like her enthusiasm for being healthy and her depth of knowledge. Also, her kindness and support and encouragement to us to be supportive of each other." ~Paula C

"The EC:GL workshop was incredibly beneficial in kick starting my goal to leading a healthier lifestyle. Having Ange share amazing tips to help you feel better, organize your home and lifestyle to support healthy living was invaluable! It was great to sweat it out the first half the workshop, and then cool down in a safe and relaxed learning environment! Worth EVERY penny and drop of sweat!" ~ Susan B

"I received confirmation, encouragement and guidance in getting myself and family healthy from this workshop! I would recommend it to friends & family who are looking for guidance in a healthy life style! " ~ Dannon L

"Ange packs so much knowledge into her programs and her approach engages and motivates program participants. An inspiring advocate for healthy living!" ~ Kim M

"Ange's example is key to the success of the program. It's one thing to read about what causes optimal health, but it is much more meaningful to see that someone is actually living that way. She is a glowing example of optimal health. She gently, yet effectively, guides you along your path to well-being. " ~ Rebecca D

"This course was a great inspiration and springboard for me to get back on track to getting fit and eating clean!I've been working out at home and feeling the healthiest I have in a long time! I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and inspiration you gave me then and daily as I follow you on your various media sites. Hope you know it's worth what you do everyday! Thanks Ang!" ~ Anni B

"After being in this program for 4 weeks I wonder how I could have lived the rest of my life without this knowledge! I can't say enough, how valuable this program will be for your long term health and wellness! My only regret is that I did not find Ang sooner!" ~ Sheila

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time in ECGL and the other classes that I've taken with you recently. I haven't finished with ECGL yet... still trying to catch up on things like the inspiration board etc... and, actually, I consider it all a change in lifestyle that will be ongoing for me and my family. I have been exploring nutrition and holistic health for almost two years now but needed a jolt to get me back into yoga and solidify my commitment to whole foods etc... you helped me do that so thank you. Seriously, thank you!!" ~Alexandra D

"Through ECGL I learned that there's a lot more to being healthy than looking skinny. There's just so many ways I can improve my health. It's not just exercises and eating right. It's a lifestyle. It's a whole system - physical, mental, environmental. It's everything. I've took a basic nutrition course a year ago, which started me on the path, but it wasn't enough. This program really went into it. I learned about things I didn't even know existed. This program has really lit a fire under me. I know now that I can never turn back or resort to my unhealthy lifestyle. I'm too informed to do so. It's life changing."

"A great experience that I will carry with me forever! Ange was very knowledgeable, none of my questions went unanswered. I think this program would be great for anyone including those who just need to push the refresh button on their already healthy lifestyles. A great, supportive environment that definitely makes this program fun! I found that Facebook group very motivating and loved the topics that we covered! You were truly an inspiration and are so knowledgeable in the things that we learned. It wasn't just a basic, run of the mill, "diet" program but a holistic approach to health that made you feel healthier just setting up for it!"

"Thank you so, so much! I've been vegan for years and grew up with a mom that felt good nutrition is hugely important. Even with a great foundation, there were so many ideas you presented that helped take my mindset all the way to nutrition 2.o! I've kicked my last bad habits (ahem, french fries!), and don't feel deprived! As a yoga devotee/teacher (not teaching now, but maybe soon!), I'm truly appreciating a new path to a well-established & varied fitness regimen. I'm so grateful for the gift you have shared with me, and hope that you continue sharing it for a long, long time!" ~K.H

"I liked challenging myself to eat healthier and make better choices. It was also amazing to learn more about nutrition and detox in general. I had a base knowledge, but it was awesome to expand that and start applying new things to my everyday life. I was such an addict before this, and constantly had gum in my mouth! I've also given up drinking coffee everyday... which is also quite epic for me ;) Before starting the program, I felt like I was constantly bloated and having stomach pain, so this whole program has been such an eye opener in terms of what foods my body requires to feel my best. I couldn't recommend it enough! I definitely had some slip ups, but that's life and I've seen how badly it makes me feel, so instead of beating myself up and sort of continuing the "fall off the wagon" I regroup the next day and remind myself how much better I feel eating clean." ~J Ireland

"Making some of the simple changes you suggested has created a life style change that will follow me for the remainder of my life. I have more energy and changed my disposition for the better. Actually being able to see these changes right away has fostered the rest of my family to do the same which makes these changes so much easier to maintain.

Thank you for openly sharing your information.You have inspired me so much and I am excited about my future." ~ L Sheehan

"I really enjoyed this 4 week program. It was the perfect combo of movement, clean eating and “life creation”. I have learned so much from you and it makes me excited to just keep moving forward.You really are an inspiration to me for living the life that you want" ~ A.D