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Hi lovely!

I'm inviting you to participate in a special HOL:FIT 3 Month Oil Club - it's only open to a small group of people that I have introduced the essential oils to! This promo will interest you if you feel like it's a great time to align all the areas of your lifestyle to be healthy + natural.

Please read through the details of this promo below and message me at if you have questions.  I only offer this promo to 10 people each season and I don't make this visible online at all - it's just through this private link. If you'd like to take advantage - here's the form to fill in your name etc.

Here are the details:

Order through doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) by placing at least a 125pv order for the next 3 months in a row. (the pv will be the same as the dollar amount when buying essential oils, but can differ when buying products - so pay attention to the pv total of your order) Have it set to fire off/ship before the 15th of each month to get maximum perks.

(Click Here to learn more about LRP)

Here's what you'll receive:  

  1. A free essential oil each month (tucked in with your monthly order box) Note: When you login to your back office and click on the SHOP tab, you’ll see what the free oil of the month is for the current month.

  2. At least 50 free product credits to cash in for free oils (will be added to your doTERRA account on the 15th of the each following month. 1 product credit = $1 in free oils!)

  3. At the end of the 3 months, you'll receive a free Athletes Kit from me in the mail! (value $100)

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The total value of what you'll receive through this special HOL:FIT promo club is $200!

After the 3 months - you can decide to order smaller orders each month or cancel all together - it's totally up to you! Through this program and beyond - every month that your order is 50v or higher, you earn 10% back in free oils + all of your shipping costs back in free oils! And if you decide to keep ordering 125v or higher each month - you will keep getting a free oil each month! 

This is why 80% of the 30,000 people on our HOL:FIT team order through this program - it rocks for rewards and you feel incredible living this natural lifestyle with the convenience of everything arriving in your custom box each month on your doorstep.

In terms of getting yourself setup with this club promo,

here are the steps:

  1. Login to your wholesale account by visiting and entering your ID/password (see the welcome email I sent you from your initial order, for this info)

  2. To the right of your screen, you’ll see a button that says “Create a new LRP template”. Click there, and select a day for shipping. Remember that in order to receive the free oil of the month, your order must ship before the 15th of the month. It will prompt you to select your ship date!

  3. If you would like to watch a simple video that doTERRA created, explaining how to set up your LRP order, you can find that here. There is also a video there on how to redeem the free product points you’ll be collecting, just for being on LRP.

You may want to put a reminder in your schedule to go back in each month, and adjust your order. Otherwise it will ship the same products to you, unless you refine/adjust or cancel the order. 

Enter your name + order info on this form

once you've created your first LRP order so I can put a note in my calendar to ship out the Athletes Kit I'm gifting you after the 3 months.

Our HOL:FIT community and doTERRA at large has a culture of support, community and connection — something you truly can’t purchase off a store shelf. To rev your excitement engine - I've created

this special guide which features my fave diffuser blends, the top products I purchase monthly and a few other sweet documents you'll love.

And if you haven't joined yet - here's our

HOL:FIT Oils Community link. You’ll find lots of additional support and value for your natural health journey!

I'm excited to offer this to you and to be a part of your glowing health journey!