Creating ❤ H O M E

I love love love being home.

And I love creating an environment for my family that helps them feel loved and creates memories.

If you were to stop by for a cuppa chaga, this would be the experience of our home:

the official aroma of the HOL:FIT Haus

(click here for my diffuser guide filled with other great combos to try)

When I want to create a meal that tastes like love - it's one of these: Veg Lasagna made with organic tofu, cauliflower + kamut noodles:

Whole Chicken 
 (creates chicken soup, chicken sandwiches for the next 2 days too)

Shredded Beef Tacos

Crockpot Lentil Tacos

I love that the girls are at the perfect game board night age! 

Monopoly, Sequence and Scrabble are where it's at

And always remember - love starts with you!
One of my fave ways to demonstrate this is to buy myself fresh flowers each week. 

ps - add a drop of your doTERRA frankincense or DDR Prime oil blend to the flower's water  to extend life and support strong stems!                         

(click here if you don't have oils yet)

From our home to yours ...