Quinoa Almond Butter Walnut Choco Chippers...save the day

Last night was officially the first entirely sleepless night I've had since Emmerson was born. The teething party has begun around here and my little sweets is experiencing every horrible symptom that goes along with it. I had a hard time facing the fact that I was going to have to pull it together when Chloe marched into my room at 630am.

After a foggy start to the day I threw myself into some cleaning & organizing around the house as that always seems to give me some energy. I opted out of hitting the gym for my daily workout and declared today a PJ day with the girls. Which obviously calls for a little baking.

Chloe & I tossed on our aprons during one of Emme's many naps and declared that this is the best cookie recipe we've made.

* Please note that all ingredients with a T are teaspoon except for the Molasses *

Crispy on the outside. Chewy on the inside. And a little does of healthy fat & protein

In other news, I shot this quick vid with Fresh FM last week on my top picks for Exercises You Can Do at Home While Pregnant. The last one is the most important exercise of all ;)

Did you weight train while pregnant? I did right through to the day before I gave birth and I know this played a major role in my quick recovery. I love working with

my pre-natal clients - they are so inspiring! For more on my approach to a healthy pregnancy you can check out these posts

.But for now...go make those cookies ;)