Weekend Crockpot Granola {+ bar magic}

It's the weekend. March Break is here. 

Aaand we lost an hour of sleep last night due to DST. Obviously granola making is a must do in this type of situation.

Getting all the cooks in the kitchen to make some healthy, quick nutrition for a fun week ahead sounded good to me.

And man, I'm glad we did this because I'm about to share with you another recipe that will be on constant rotation in your pad.

I've called this weekend crockpot granola...because well, it's made with a crockpot {hello zero dishes} and you kinda need to be around to stir it around a few times so it doesn't burn....hence the weekend aspect.

You'll wonder how you every dusted, vacuumed + folded laundry without the smell of maple cinnamon granola filling your home.

What I love about this recipe:

(I said "say cheese" ....???)

It's no fuss: you melt the liquids in the crock first then add your dry and let it do it's thang

It's school-safe: this recipe has no nuts at all

It's customizable: want nuts? go for it! Sub them in for the seeds

You can double it and make the easiest-granola-bars-on-mama-earth by adding 2 eggs to 2 cups of the granola. {see linked recipe for full details}

We use up the granola throughout the week by topping it on coconut yogurt, smoothies, or on it's own with almond milk

R E C I P E   H E R E

Topped on a yummy smoothie: 1c almond milk, 2 cups kale, 1 cup frozen blueberry, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 banana, 1 tsp cinnamon. 

After the granola has cooked for 3-4 hrs, you can take 2 cups of it and make granola bars with it.

Hope you enjoy this recipe - let me know when you make it and if you add any awesome ingredients!

Also - it's been a while since I update the RECIPES page above so I've done that also.

Happy baking...hardly ;)