E047: Hearing your Inner Mentor

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episode 047


Welcome to HOL:FIT Talks!

This is a show for YOU …
the one interested in owning your health, leading your life + living your legacy
(ps … I am another you)

In this episode, I answer 10 of the most popular questions submitted for the show and I also open up
giving you a little health + business forecast for 2019!

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🗒 On Today’s Show:

🙋 The most popular questions submitted for this week’s show:

Q1: How to tune into your own voice/intuition?

Q2: What is my fave strengths finder tool?

Q3: I'm trying so hard to develop a morning routine with having 2 young girls - any advice?

Q4: Where can I find people to talk to about my business, when I work from home?

Q5: How to create an area for deep focus work when I live in a small space with my partner?

Q6: How did you know how to create a beautiful  + peaceful space at home for your kids?

Q7: How do I help someone with a myriad of health issues ... change? And what if they say they're allergic to pure essential oils?  

Q8: How do you handle raising kids when the time is shared 50/50 with the dad and he's not living naturally?



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