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🗒 On Today’s Show:

We are talking about the visionary leadership within doTERRA and how it is about to completely shake up the healthcare industry and create the next wave of positive impact around the world. Even if you’re not in the doTERRA community - I think you’ll enjoy this conversation …


  • The Beautiful Life Lab: you can join the thousands of other students in the lab at anytime! Some of the students are joining me in my zoom room this Sunday for our Q1 wrap up and prep for Q2.

  • Ready Set Glow: Next run is April 22 - 28th. 7 days of activating happy cells + glowing skin! Open to everyone!

  • Are you a health influencer interested in experiencing doTERRA? I’d love to connect with you! www.hol-fit.com/healthinfluencer

  • Interested in integrating doterra to solve a specific challenge in your life? Whether it be digestion, energy, sleep, skin, etc, this spring I’m starting up new ‘oil focus groups’. I’ll only be taking 5 people per group. You can add yourself to this list if interested - only for those not already using doterra: http://bit.ly/dtinterest

🙋 Questions submitted for this show:

Q1: Any and all info on Prime Meridian please!

Q2: Beyond leading ourselves first, and showing up for our community, how can wellness advocates best step ahead into this movement and lead the way?

Q3:  I've heard you say before that you feel it would be irresponsible to share the actual research around certain oils and constituents of oils (limonene, for example), and instead you tell your community to do their own research. Can you help me understand how it is irresponsible instead of helpful to actually bring some of that research into the light for our communities?


  • Put your oils to work! Where can you increase your self care and illustrate that you are a leader that is ready for more?


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