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🗒 On Today’s Show:

It's Q + A Day!


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  • Launch Camp: I have a 5 week program coming up for you if you want to launch your doterra wellness business. www.hol-fit.com/oils

  • Healthy Habits Program:Runs June 10 - 30 for those in the HOL:FIT Oil Community. bit.ly/habitsprogram

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🙋 Questions submitted for this show:

Q1: How do you encourage development (of your doTERRA leaders) vs. duplication?

Q2: Went to the Europe convention and loved it. How do I transition from using the oils for personal use to building a business

Q3: I started dry skin brushing and now I am sick. Is there a connection?

Q4: Knowing what and when to put something in the parking lot/on the back burner is sometimes overwhelming and hard to navigate, what would you suggest for developing that process more?

Q5:  Hi Ange! I am 23 years old and I have so many goals in life. But one of my deepest intentions is to be the healthiest version of myself. To eat the best, nourish my body, feel my best etc. A big part of my motivation is seeing myself being financially stable so I CAN be the healthiest version of myself and provide for my future family. I want to know - when you were 23 years old, did you feel like this was out of reach? Were you always as healthy and wise as you are now? And what helped you over time get to where you are today?

Q6: Does DoTERRA release the links to the research studies? Like peer reviewed human studies that are being performed? I know you’ve mentioned it would be irresponsible to publicly state that a specific oil is good for a specific disease, but is there a library where we can direct people to read the studies? DoTerra mentions the pubmed and google scholar on their blog. Are these the best tools to direct people to? Also can you talk about some reasons why having the oils approved by FDA is not necessary or wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea?

Q7: Hello! I am a new mom of an almost 1 year old. Even though it is years away, I have already started thinking about schooling options, as I want to make sure the type of education we choose lines up with our home values as much as possible. I recently heard you to talk in another episode about your girls attending a Waldorf school, so I was wondering if you could speak a little more about a Waldorf education in general. I have researched on my own of course, but I always understand things better when you articulate them, and I always trust your opinions! You have truly been a light in my life, helping me to build such a beautiful life for my family through your lab! XO

Q8: As someone in doTERRA, I'm learning how to get back to the basics and not feel like I need to keep reinventing the wheel to get somewhere. My struggle is learning how to balance using the tools and resources I have without getting distracted or without focusing on the nitty gritty things. You often mention how important it is to not let your phone hold you captive, but I'm finding that when it comes to contacting people or making new contacts, I typically end up having to use my phone for that and I can get caught up in the back and forth that I end up losing track of time and not accomplishing much by the end. Same thing with the computer. I have turned off all my notifications for 98% of my apps that have been distracting me the most, and I have organized them into folders like you had mentioned, but I still seem to be getting lost in it. What are some suggestions you have for those of us who are still needing to use our phones for work but don't want to be working for our phones and getting as distracted?

Q9:  I would love to know what you think the next wave of doTERRA looks like and what the second generation Diamonds will need to do to get there.

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👉Healthy Habits Program:bit.ly/habitsprogram

👉Botanical Medicine in Clinical Practice

👉 Waldorf school blog of public school vs waldorf

👉 The HOL:FIT Superbrew Coffee Recipe


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