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Talking about systems, starting a podcast, overwhelm and fresh starts ...

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Talking about systems, starting a podcast, overwhelm and fresh starts ...


Q1:What advice can you offer to someone that is relaunching their doterra biz? I’m more clear now with who I want to help, who I want to serve and who I want to attract as biz partners and customers. But to keep from falling into old habits and comforts of playing small what would you suggest?

Q2: I love that you emphasize the area “deep work” in several of your podcasts and especially in your BLL. I’m really excited to make a lot of progress in this area which is so much harder than doing what comes easy or first in my day. What are your top tips when you feel stuck and the projects are overwhelming! Does that mean we just have too much on our plate and tasks/projects need to be eliminated until I can afford to delegate more?

Q3: Tips on starting a podcast or blog. Just jump in?

Q4: To grow a large team in doTERRA you have to support and help others get their own success but you are also having to trust them with your growth and income. I have someone on my team who has trouble trusting other builders to be reliable and not quit on them. What advice do you have on this since I am sure you have had leaders quit on you?

Q5: Do you have a daily protocol that Mr. HOL:FIT recommends for firefighters health? 

Q6: I am a huge fan of your broadcasts and truth bomb messages! Your level of organization is something I highly admire about you, and highly struggle with myself. I find that I can stay organized and systematic for a short period of time before home/business systems start to fade and papers consume my desk. What are some of your suggestions for staying *consistently* orderly in your business, home, and personal life? 

Q7:How do you optimistically and positively shine the light for people in your life, such as close family, who are very against natural health? I find myself avoiding using oils or talking about solutions because of the discouragement I end up feeling from their very closed minds when they have issues I know could be addressed with natural options. When do you leave well enough alone and when do you advocate the better way?

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