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our supplement routine:

Our routine (Chris + I)

 I keep my supplements in the pink tackle box shown above and I label each compartment.
I love this method as it's easy to pop the case in my purse or suitcase for travel and everything is easy to grab.

Morning: 20oz of water with 1tbsp liquid chlorophyll, 2 drops of a citrus essential oils and I take 1 Terrazyme and 1 Mito2Max
Lunch: 2 each of the Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) supplements, 1 Terrazyme, 1 Mito2Max, 1 Deep Blue Polyphenols and 5000 iu of D3/K2 if it’s winter (I take my supplements with lunch since I don’t eat food at breakfast)
Dinner: 2 each of the LLV supplements, 1 Terrazyme, 1 DDR Prime + 1 PB Assist. I also take 2 of the Phytoestrogen before bed which help clean out fake hormones called xenoestrogens.


If I'm feeling run down I take 2 OnGuard soft gels and a shot glass of juice with a packet of the the lipsomal VitC. 
 If I need to sink into a deeper sleep, I take 2 Serenity Soft gels before bed
I drink 120oz of water a day and add 2 drops citrus essential oil each time (for a max of 20 drops). I take a total of 2tbsp chlorophyll in water throughout the day
If Chris has been at a fire - he’ll take the zendocrine softgel 2x a day for a week to support liver cleansing.

The Kids routine:

I keep the kids supplements in a crate in the mudroom along with the TOUCH roller bottle oils, so they are a part of our routine before we head out the door.
Before school - they take a doTERRA chewable multivitamin + 1 drop of D3/K2 under their tongue.
I choose the roller bottle that will best support them that day: If they are feeling run down, I roll OnGuard on their chest. If there is a lice outbreak at school, I run tea tree oil through their hair.
If they are needing a little emotional support, I roll console, peace or cheer blend on their chest or back of neck.

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