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the beautiful life lab shop:

My fave tools:

Google Calendar: I use it to schedule everything and with colour coding

Meet EdgarSmarter Queue: social media post planner

Plan to Eat: online meal planner + recipe storage service. add me as a friend under 'holfit' and we can share recipes!

Word hippo: online thesaurus

Evernote: virtual notebook

Simple Antnotes desktop app - sticky notes for your computer

CalendlySchedulista: call booking services

Audible: trade in your cable and develop your mind a few hours a day! unsubscribe tool for your inbox

Boomerang for Gmail: use to schedule emails to come back into your inbox at a later date

Askfortask: hire a cleaner or handy human

Fiverr: outsource various virtual tasks for $5

Clean my mac: clean your hard drive with the press of a button

Mailchimp: create newsletters free until you reach 2000 subscribers

Zoom: lead group calls and online classes

Live streaming on Facebook: my webcam and my lav mic

Creative market: Purchase unique fonts and backgrounds

Expensify: expense tracking

Pic Monkey: create your own marketing

Squarespace: what I used to build this website

Screenflow: for screen recording + video editing  

Square Up: collect payments at events

Paypal: collect online payments

99 Designs: auction style designs made for you to choose from  

Bench: online bookkeepers 

StocksyUnsplash + Pixabay: stock photos

Present Terra,, dropbox of images: doTERRA photos

My top phone apps:

Time Management: the clock for alarms + global timezones, Be Focused Timer app

Audio: audible + podcasts + spotify

Monthly cycle: flomy moontime

Photo apps: word swag, fast camerainstasize

Meditation: calm, headspacebinaural beats

Health: run keeper, boycottthinkdirty

Organization: evernote, trellogoogle calendar

doTERRA: droplii + modern essentials

podcasting tools:

Libsyn: the podcast host I use to publish to iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud
Lav Mic to record

Tips for running your phone :

Turn all notifications off for every app

Put it in airplane mode at designated time each evening

Only have 1 screen of apps and keep them in folders

Videos I've created for you about
time management, focus and productivity:

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