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I love that our paths have connected!
Let's discover why that might be ...


here's what others have experienced ...

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Okay so let's see ... I'll start with how I'm a mother of 2 beautiful, confident, sassy girls. I feel like everything I'm about to write stems from there. They are everything to me.  I find myself constantly asking thinking, what else is possible ... what more can we experience together? My oldest daughter Chloe is the reason you're reading any of this - because I had one of those sliding door moments a few months after she was born which I'll share more about in a few min ...

I'm a Canadian Founder with doTERRA essential oils, leading a beautiful tribe of almost 100,000 customers around the world.  I learn, live + teach health in an inspiring, truthful + bold way. Whether we've connected through my podcast, through essential oils or through the various health programs I run - I am so happy you're here! 

I believe there has never been a more important time to empower yourself with the information + tools that will bring you into an arena of sustainable wellness + vitality. 
There has never been a more important time because now you actually can.

Over the last 10 years I have spent almost 17,000 hours in the work of health coaching, taking personal responsibility and cultivating a deeper understanding of what truly creates the shift in health for people and developing a global movement around living a healthy lifestyle.

I suppose my interest in learning the truth about health began when I was a little girl. I grew up experiencing my father battle with cancer through my entire childhood. He died when I was 10.
 And then 6 years later ... wham. We received news that my 3 year old sister had just been diagnosed with leukaemia, which took her life a year later. When people ask me where my strong conviction comes from and how I can be so bold in what I teach ...
I can only assume they haven't yet experienced the darkness that exists when we lose hope. Or perhaps they aren't a parent yet?
Because that turned everything on for me. I had one of those sliding door moments when I started my first maternity leave. I had been very successful in the corp world and had given my best for 10 years.
But I felt empty.

And like you ... I knew I was made for more.

And so I did the thing that was not popular at that time and decided to not go back to a 6 figure job, but to instead begin blogging my heart out.
And diving into health courses + books more than ever before.

Following my heart ... my curiosity ... my excitement ... (this will always lead you to the right place)
And I started to find my way.
I launched HOL:FIT in 2009 and over the course of many early mornings + late nights blogging, I built this.
One connection at a time. 
One recipe post at time.
One workout post at a time.
One drop of essential oil at a time.

And so ... here we are. 
And  there is not a day that goes by where I am not inspired to connect with you and create for you!  And it all feels so deeply meaningful to me.

I feel a great responsibility to share what I know and what I live.  Because I live a beautiful, healthy, fulfilled, joyful life. 
I am an example of what happens when you take deep responsibility on a daily basis for your health, for your success and for living your gifts.
I believe that my wellbeing is 100% my responsibility and everything I will teach you on our journey together will be focused on guiding you to self regulate and OWN IT.
I am an essentialist ... with my healthcare and my time.
I have an unusual clarity about what is important and I take action rooted in my convictions.
It might give you the impression that my life is perfect but obviously you know that is not true for anyone. But I do live each day with boundaries in place around what is most important to me.

I have an amazing husband who is the best father I could have ever dreamed up for our 2 girls. We've been playing + growing up together for almost 20 years and have gone through many tough times. People ask us all the time what advice we have for making a relationship stick through years ...
We have fun together, we've created a life together that is 100% who we are, we keep things simple, we dance it out,
we feel deep gratitude for it all as often as possible.

And the glue for us, is that we truly hold a space of honouring each other's happiness and fulfillment.
We don't try to change each other.
We are happy together because we know our happiness our own responsibility and we don't put that on each other. (there's that ownership piece again)
 We did this podcast episode on this topic if you're interested in learning more.  

I want this for everyone that is interested in learning the way.
(I give zero time to people who make excuses, are negative or have their hand out)

So ... what do I actually do?

a few things ...

👉  I sell doTERRA essential oils - I know that these are the tools that are healing the world in every way.
👉   I create health programs that take complicated info and make it doable, fun + inspiring.  
👉  I connect with you through my weekly podcast, HOL:FIT Talks sharing my health + leadership perspective. 
👉  And I build vibrant online communities for you to connect into. This is the new village.

But what I really do is provide the framework for you to become your own health + success guru.
I attract people interested in owning their life.
And it's probably why you are here.   

 I am deeply focused on the empowerment of women to live a fulfilling life and to give back in a big way because they give so much to themselves.
  I believe the body can heal itself when supported through simple whole foods, clean water, daily movement and the healing power of plants. 
I am an example of the power of this.
 And I provide access to the tools, to the information and to the community you need to live this way to.

These beliefs form the foundation of everything I teach. 
And I lead from the front.

Ok ... let's lighten things up a little and kick off our friendship with a little fun shall we?

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10 things ...

I'll show you mine if you show me yours 😘 

Click Here to fill in your own 10 things
and post on Instagram using #holfit10things


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Note ...

I don't offer 1:1 coaching or mentoring. 
 I put my energy into circulating my impact to the whole.
Occasionally I will do speaking and team trainings when it aligns.

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