Dear 2019


It’s creation time

Create the life you love and have the courage to live it. ~ John Irving.

… Well doesn’t that just get right to the heart of it?

I’ve always had a curiosity about our potential … what we think is possible and what is actually possible. I mean we have never lived in a time with as much opportunity as there is today, and with that there are new challenges have come with it.

We live in a time of great distraction, noise, comparison and busyness. And every year, we find ourselves in this pressure cooker the last week of a year, to set these big goals for the next year.

I have spent the majority of my adult life studying health, obtaining certifications, coaching hundreds of women 1:1 and thousands through group coaching models. And about 5 years ago, I realized there was a deeper issue that needed to be addressed to support our vitality.

And it’s the ability to take ownership of our life, manage our time and live unapologetically true to our purpose. Without this in place at the core, I learned that most goals  - whether it be health, relationship or financial, would fall flat.

And so my attention turned towards the principles of self leadership, productivity and focus. And I spent years developing my own systems to protect my time + boundards as my brand and businesses went through massive scale ups.

And this year, I brought this all to life through my new program, The Beautiful Life Lab.

In it, I teach:

  • practical ways to clear the noise + distractions

  • how to automate systems to bring out our best

  • and how to cast our vision for the upcoming year from a place of clarity + power.

I’ve had the opportunity to experience over 2,000 students in the program this month create the space for greatness. They’ve cleared the distractions from their devices, their inbox is at zero with systems to keep it there, they’ve automated their calendar to bring the best of themselves forward.

And now they’re casting their vision on 2019, with clear eyes as they write the next chapter. It’s a powerhouse collective in the group ✨

Okay back to the timing of this week …
The days before a new year begins carry resonance … there is a quiet power within them. I’ve been lingering in the moments to go deeper and to listen. I’ve been asking good questions of my commitments + goals. I’m seeing some areas in a new way and I’ve had some awesome downloads this week for what’s next for the brand and the team.

If you’re quiet and rebel against the noise + the drama + the oversharing, you will receive great clarity for this coming year.

The lightworkers are still right now … they are rooted in spaciousness, reflection + deep growth. They’re asking questions and are being a student of this last year to move into being a teacher in the next.

Questions such as:

If there was one word to describe last year - what would it be?

What is the experience of me right now?

What were the highlights of this past year?

In what area did I grow the most?

Who inspired my growth the most?

Who drained me the most?

What is one area(s) I realize I need to ask for help or outsource?

What is one area I realize I need to develop in? (See the HOL:FIT development library)

Where can I do a ‘commitment colonic?’

What is one area that doesn’t align with my ‘best life’ vision?

And my fave question …


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