Essential Oil Truths

essential oil testing and sourcing

Welcome to this session on chemistry, transparency + truth …


I’m going to share something with you today that may surprise you.
And it’s not something you’re going to learn from the hundreds of companies launching essential oils today, because this level of transparency would have their PR team scrambling ...

I hope this post comes to you in good timing, as it’s something I certainly did not grasp 10 years ago when I first started purchasing oils.

If you are new to essential oils, the pure ones are going to guide you back to a position of power + connection with yourself. They are one of the most effective health tools for you if you have an interest in being the CEO of your body.

Truth time:

There are hundreds of companies that have launched essential oils recently.
But is that actually what they launched?

Do you remember the first time you ate a jelly bean that tasted just like buttered popcorn?
Or how about the perfume you wore in high-school that smelled like coconuts + roses ... has anyone told you that it took hundreds of chemical ingredients to make it smell that way? Hence the headaches + sneezing...

According to APRC (which is the 3rd party lab that tests all of doTERRA’s oils), over 80% of the essential oils on the market today have been adulterated.
It's such a quick way for a company to increase profits ... as it's so easy to trick a consumer into thinking they're using lavender.

If you aren’t going to purchase doTERRA, look for a company that is providing the same access to the 3rd party testing reports + the sourcing location. Sourcing matters because even if a company is producing pure oil, where it was grown determines the various constituents in that oil. And the constituents are the keys that fit the locks in your body. Also - don’t buy essential oils off of Amazon.
They are often clearly tampered with - you won't even have to hire a lab to find out because your eyes + nose will tell you.

If you are using doTERRA, here are 3 things you're going to appreciate:

👉 Source To You: This would be the website the other oil companies hope you don't know about. You scan your doTERRA bottle and up comes the 3rd party testing + sourcing info!

👉 The doTERRA chemistry wheel: Learn what constituents are in each oil + the affect they have on your body systems.
When you understand the basic chemistry of a pure oil - you will have more confidence knowing what to use when things come up.

👉 The doTERRA chemistry handbook: Over 80 pages for you to geek out on with me!
Learn why these oils are positively impacting are beings + healing the world!

doterra chemistry book

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