Pump up the Jam

In my insta stories, I often give you a quick glimpse of this #nerdinneon dancing around in the HOL:FIT HQ …


neon vibes


But what if this nerd 🙋🏼‍♀️ is on to something?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What if putting good tunes on along with the right essential oils takes everything you do up a (big) notch?
Maybe she’s born with it ... but just maybe it’s the oils + music 🤓
Ok for real ... you are energy.
And the frequency with which you ‘do the do’ matters.
So, are you interested in taking your work to the next level? 

Here’s my formula for pumping up the jam:

Have a couple good playlists ready to rock for the various types of output you need to have. If you’re on Spotify, look me up and find all of mine ready for you. I also have a bunch of my created playlists hosted here on the MUSIC page of HOL:FIT where you can play right from there without needing a Spotify account 🎧
These are my go to bottles for shifting state and how I use them.
Choose one + dance it out for a few minutes every couple of hours ideally right before you do the thing you’ve been putting off:

💧 Peppermint roller bottle: draw a line all along your hairline, temples and down back of neck
💧 Cheer rollerbottle: draw hearts with it over your heart space 
💧 Spearmint: a drop above your bbutton + a drop on your forehead
💧 Green Mandarin: 2 drops into a large glass of filtered water + 1 drop on wrist pulse point
💧 Elevation: 2 drops in hand and run through your hair
💧 Slim + Sassy: 1 drop on the tongue and 2 drops massaged into stomach
💧 Citrus Bliss: 2 drops in palm, rub vigorously and deeply breathe in for 3 counts.
This formula will create new outcomes for you ...
it’s the frequency (kenneth) 

To purchase doTERRA oils at 25% off:

What oil + song is your go to jam? 👇🏻

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