First ... can you even handle 👇

That’s quiet power right there …
Head down, no drama, gets it done, stays sharp + focused all year, doesn’t dance in the end zone …
my fave kind of human.

Okay … onto food:
I’m taking a few minutes right now to plan the apps + nacho toppings for tomorrow and then hopping online to order groceries for pickup tomorrow (this is a weekly thing I do but especially on days when the grocery store will be packed)
I thought I’d pop my picks in here for you in case you’re looking for a few fresh ideas.

I have 5 simple things planned for tomorrow:
Coffee + Quiet time, Workout, Meal prep,
Pinterest and the Game.

here’s the food lineup:

Click each image to bring up the recipes …
We’re doing nachos as the main with shredded chicken or bean dip for topping and a bed of lettuce.
No utensils is the goal:

And if you’d like a little pre-game burn - here’s one from the vault:

Go pats 👊