My Skin Care Routine

In this blog, I’m sharing the essential oils + tools I use in my personal skin routine …


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My personal skin routine

My skin routine:

I'm sure this doesn't surprise you, but I will not be the friend that attends the next neighbourhood botulinum neurotoxin (aka botox) party.
I will however be the friend that teaches you about how to have the natural radiance + glow that will be the talk of the botox party 👊

I'm going to give you my exact face approach here since I'm asked quite a bit: 

  • First I cleanse my face with doTERRA Verage cleanser - it’s the very best + the most pure.

  • Then, I spray the Verage toner on and let it settle (this balances pH).

  • If it’s the evening, I will then roll a 0.5mm micro tool a few times over my cheeks + forehead. I do this only a few nights each week

  • Then I add 1 drop Blue Tansy + 2 drops of Yarrow POM to the Verage serum (or just fractionated coco oil) and massage into face, neck + backs of hands daily. I will often alternate Blue Tansy with either Frankincense or Geranium to nourish my skin with different plant constituents.

  • Then I use my rose quartz roller or a gua sha to massage the serum into my skin. This is especially nice in the morning if your skin needs a little lymph draining (aka you’re puffy)

  • I keep a Rose roller bottle in my bathroom and will often roll it under my eyes and on my cuticles throughout the day. Other beautiful roller bottles for the skin are the Immortelle, Jasmine, Magnolia and Frankincense. Again, alternating these is wise so your skin is getting nourished with different constituents.

  • Once a week, I do a deeper exfoliation on my face with the doTERRA Reveal Duo and also once a week I apply a thin layer of the detox face masque

  • On my body, I love to dry skin brush before my shower to circulate the lymph, exfoliate the skin and help my body massage oil soak in deeper. I did this video back in 2010 on how to dry brush if you want proof that we all have to start somewhere haha! After dry brushing + showering, I will spray the beautiful body mist onto my damp skin and massage that in - it has really skin nourishing oils in it!


What is Yarrow POM? It’s a nutritive duo naturally up-regulates the body's protective transcription factors while activating skin-protecting proteins, inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown elasticity + collagen (aka aging). I wrote this blog post about Yarrow POM if you wanna dig deeper into the magic in this 30 ml glass bottle

More uses for Yarrow POM: For dark circles or bags under the eyes: apply Yarrow POM directly and you'll notice an instant change within a few minutes! Use it direct on age spots and areas you want to see more plumping. It's also brilliant on really dry skin/issues because the CLA in the pomegranate seed oil combined with the yarrow lubricates, seals + promotes collagen production. 

Why is it blue? The beautiful blue hue is from the constituent chamazulene, which is a fantastic source of BCP (also high in Copaiba)

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