The Curious Case of Yarrow Pom

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The curious case of B̶e̶n̶j̶a̶m̶i̶n̶ ̶B̶u̶t̶t̶o̶n̶ ahem … YARROW | POM:

There have been some interesting things happening

for those of us that were able to grab a bottle of the new Yarrow Pom a few months ago at doTERRA's convention …

Aging backwards + body tightening + supercharge skin healing + emotional taps flowing ... types of shenanigans.

This 30ml glass beauty has just officially launched on Dec 3rd, so I want to share a few things from my 'experience journal'
with you that I think you'll enjoy learning. 

I posted some of these powerhouse examples to my Insta stories under the ‘Oil Tips’ highlight button …


Okay so here's what's up:

From doTERRA’s science team:
"This nutritive duo naturally up-regulates the body's protective transcription factors while activating skin-protecting proteins,
inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown elasticity + collagen"
(aka aging).  

In other words ...


I'm sure this doesn't surprise you, but I will not be the friend that attends the next neighbourhood botulinum neurotoxin (aka botox) party 😘

I will however be the friend that teaches you about how to have the natural radiance + glow that will be the talk of the botox party 👊

I'm going to give you my exact face approach here since I'm asked quite a bit: 

👉 First cleanse your face with doTERRA Verage cleanser. Spray the toner on. Then roll a 0.5mm micro tool a few times over your cheeks + forehead. (see the HOL:FIT healthy skin shop)

👉 Then add 2 drops YP to the Verage serum (or just fractionated coco oil) and massage into face, neck + backs of hands daily. 

👉 For dark circles or bags under the eyes: apply directly and you'll notice an instant change within a few minutes!

👉 Use it direct on age spots and areas you want to see more plumping. 

👉 It's also brilliant on really dry skin/issues because the CLA in the pomegranate seed oil combined with the yarrow lubricates, seals + promotes collagen production. 

Note - you'll notice that this oil is a beautiful blue hue from the constituent chamazulene, which is a fantastic source of BCP (also high in Copaiba)

Hormones + Weight release:

This has been a surprising one for a lot of women who have been holding on to weight in areas likely due to hormonal imbalance. The CLA in the pom oil is high in Omega 5 and one of the most potent antioxidants known to modern science. CLA has a major role in lipid metabolism and Yarrow supports healthy hormone production. So this is a powerful duo! 

👉 Take 1 drop on the tongue at night for 2 weeks and then increase to 2 drops. Here's why I suggest you start slow with this oil internally ... 👇


This oil is going to turn the taps on for you. It's going to be a conduit for processing + dealing with some of the deeper emotions you've been holding onto in your body for a long time. You will most experience this if you take this oil internally. 

This is a heads up + also a green light if you are interested in awakening parts of you that in the past you needed to tuck away. This oil will activate cognitive processes, emotions and memory recall.

We bring our whole selves to our interactions + experiences each day. And this oil can be a beautiful support tool as you cleanse, process and allow the emotions that have been buried to move through you and transform you. To tune into your human being-ness ahead of your doing-ness.

Wild right? 
How nature is this powerful?! 
Of course she is.

There is a level of perfection + synergy within nature that humans will never be able to replicate in a lab. 
This is why you see a wave of vitality across the doTERRA collective. (Not hype)

If glowing skin is your goal, I have the perfect collection for you!

approx $225usd

approx $225usd

Here's how to open up your wholesale customer account + place your glowing skin kit order:

👉  Click Here for the steps to open your wholesale customer account. You’ll also now be able to shop doTERRA at 25% off whenever you want for a full year!
👉  On the kit screen, choose the the wholesale membership
👉  Add the Yarrow Pom to your cart (it will show at the 25% off price). Also add: The Verage Skin Collection and The Travel Kit (which is a set of 4 x 5ml lavender, wild orange, peppermint + aromatouch blend).
You’ll 💗 the lavender for boosting your beauty sleep by adding a drop to your pillow case or massaging into your feet at before bed.
You’ll 💗 the wild orange diffused with peppermint in the morning for vibrant energy or a drop added to your big glass bottle of water
You’ll 💗 the peppermint to release any head tension or tummy troubles - just massage right in to the area
You’ll 💗 the aromatouch for neck massages or trading body massages with your partner. It’s so lush!

Email me personally at with subject line 'healthy skin' once you've enrolled …
I want to send you a welcome email full of resources + a little package snail mail style. 

You are gonna rock that glow ✨

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