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In this episode, I'm answering YOUR questions on the topic of natural living, whole health + wellness, leadership, productivity, rituals …

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Q1: First, I am loving the new website! It looks fantastic and so easy to navigate. I have been binge listening to a lot of your content and I think you mentioned maybe giving us a peek into your set up for the podcast/Facebook Live/Insta etc. I would LOVE if you would do an episode where you give us a behind the scenes look at what goes on. I find it all soooo fascinating. Thanks for all you do! 

Q2:I'm a Premier rank and now feel I need to develop as a leader to inspire and mentor great leaders. I want my builders, who are my dear friends, to have vision as big as mine, I want them to be successful, I want them to grow and I want the best for them. What are your tips for me to grow as a leader and to mentor my builders in order for them to become great leaders? What resources and tools would you recommend?

Q3: Hey Ange! First off, Thank you so much for continuously pouring our your heart and truths! Value you so much! I’m super curious for your feedback on being a new mama. I love your blueprint and found time block to be key. That was before having my first baby... now as a new mom, how do you still make that happen?

Q4: Hello! I just moved to a new city this year, and I want to know some advice and/or tips on how to grow your business in a new place! I also want to ask best tips for advance ranking from Premier to Silver when you don’t necessarily have three leaders/builders?want to know something? I have one builder but the other two legs I have been building myself. I am hoping to attract leaders to fill those spots soon.. but in the meantime is it possible to rank advance to Silver? 

Q5: What’s your set up for your videos? They look so professional!

Q6:Hi Ange, just starting out and am having an open house on an afternoon with a friend who sells beautiful cashmere sweaters. We will embrace the season with a reason and invite friends and family and wondering with a flow of traffic throughout the day, what is the best way to spread the news about DoTerra and the wonderful oils and products in this particular venue.




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