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Welcome to HOL:FIT Talks!

A weekly LIVE show that initially streams on FB + Instagram on Wed @ 2pm EST and is then uploaded as a podcast.

On Today’s Show:I’m going to share a lot of helpful content to guide you in the land of social media:

  • Why you have to be using it if you plan to still be in business in 5 years

  • How to grow your brand and which platforms are the place to be right now

  • How to know who your muse or dream customer is

  • And I’m taking the top questions that YOU submitted underneath the queue that I posted on Mon

The most popular questions submitted for this week’s show:

  • Q1:What’s best for a Doterra biz... a page, a group? BOTH? Add a VIP group for specials etc? Want to grow my online presence more with Facebook lives etc. Thanks!! PS would you do online classes and if so what maximizes them?

  • Q2:What is the best way to attract new followers? Can I do so purely online (without meeting people in real life)?

  • Q3:What’s the most effective way to reach cold market clients on social media and follow up with them?

  • Q4:What do you recommend for creating community when you are in the younger ranks? Do you recommend a Facebook community group or a social media following? I’ve heard you say before not to brand yourself too early, so I’ve been participating in my upline’s community which is great. My concern is just that I want a simple way to reach out to my community and am struggling with how to do that when I don’t have my own Facebook group. Thanks in advance, I so appreciate your wisdom!

  • Q5:Is it best to keep a business and personal IG and FB account so things are always separate or is it better to post all the things in the same personal/business account?




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