episode 040


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  • The scariest movie you could ever watch … and it’s not the reel that Netflix is featuring today.

  • Feedback from the cheap seats


Q1: I’d love your take on doterra being enough. I myself went through this and came out the other side and I see a lot of people still stuck in the notion that they feel they’re meant for “bigger things” which in turn takes up so much time and energy they have no time left for their Doterra business. They feel that with so many people being wellness advocates they can’t stand out enough or make a big enough difference and be “unique”. At what point did you stop doing all the things you were doing (nutrition, PT, clients etc) and just focus on growing your dōbusiness? And how did you feel it was enough?

Q2: In an age where everyone’s life is at our fingertips for comparison, and where we can constantly bump into each other’s insecurities, how can we graciously deal with those-perhaps even in our own community and team-who may secretly (or not so secretly) have envy and jealousy towards us? For whatever their reasons: being a higher rank than them, being healthier than them, having more freedom than them, etc. For every dozen who are inspired by that, there seems to always be a small handful who want to bring you down. What is the best way to graciously and kindly navigate through those negative energies coming at you?

Q3: How do you conquer fears while staying true to yourself? When faced with a challenge, I find the hardest part is to move forward in confidence that I am being genuine rather than rising to someone else's expectations.

Q4: Loved last week's topic. Thank you. I have a question related to the dream customer. I totally resonate with it being the ME from a few years back, and of course I'd want to speak to her as my dream 'customer'. But what about my dream leader? The woman want to collaborate with and lead with? She's not me from a few years back. No way! She's the me of now. My dream customer is different to my dream leader. So how do I speak to both of these women at the same time, because they're so different. I want to speak to my dream customer (because I want to help and support her) AND I want to speak to my dream leader (the woman who knows her vision, who knows her mind, is capable of leading with me). This is my confusion. If I'm only speaking to my dream customer (the woman I was several years ago), I'm going to miss my dream leader. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Q5: How do you keep all your “notes” from everything you read and listen to? How do you organize all the notes you take and access it again to make it meaningful?


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📚 HOL:FIT Homework:

3 of my best tips to guide you and what I did about 10 years ago and still come to as a practice when I find myself spiralling with loose boundaries:

1. Get clear on whose opinions of you truly matter. Seek feedback from them. Write down their names. “I’m getting clear on whose opinions matter to me - thank you for being one of those for me."

“Despite how open, peaceful and loving you are, people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves” Matt Kahn

2. I want you to think about who that person is that you are seeking the most approval and love from.

  • Has this person ever done what you are attempting to do?

  • Have they made any dreams a reality?

  • Are they inspiring?

  • Do they focus more on tearing down or building up?

  • Do they stand for something and have integrity?

  • Are they grateful for their life?

  • And is their life living proof of the advice they are doling out to you?

3. There is at least 1 thing you’ve been holding back on doing out of fear of what others are going to think of you. I want you to first ask yourself why you know this thing is important. What does it mean to you do it? What will it mean to those that really matter to you if you do this thing?

And I also want you to think about what you believe is the worst thing that could actually happen if you do that thing. And then what? What might happen next if you do that thing? Will it be the start of a ripple effect that changes your life and many lives around you?

And then I want you to do whatever you need to do to make that thing happen. Break it down to micro level first if that’s what you need to do. And promise me you will not ask for anyone’s advice as you do it unless it is the advice of someone who as already accomplished that thing with success + integrity.