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I'm so excited for you to experience the quality of doTERRA oils!
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I was working with several other brands for years before I was introduced them 5 years ago and it's been a daily love affair ever since!

A few months after I began using them and having amazing results in my body and in our home,
I started sharing them with my health coaching clients.
And one person at a time, our essential oil community grew to what it is today at almost 100,000 people globally!

In the next 5 - 10 years, you will see doTERRA shift healthcare as we know it towards a model of lifestyle, prevention + autonomy.
As a doTERRA Founder in Canada, when I began educating people over 5 years ago about this method of health + self care, it was such a new concept for people. Most had never even heard about essential oils before.

Today, the majority of people have heard about essential oils, but don’t understand what the difference may be between the hundreds of brands popping up everywhere.

As the largest essential oil company in the world, doTERRA is taking essential oils in a direction that no other brand will be following.

They have begun the integration into the healthcare system through the new clinics that have started opening in the US and soon to Canada and into various hospitals. These healthcare centres (called Prime Meridian) will be a patient focused model, where doctors will explore not only pharmaceutical treatments, but doTERRA essential oil solutions.

Only doTERRA quality can be trusted as a form of healthcare because you can know + trust exactly what is in the bottles …

pure plant medicine

The sourcing & the quality testing of every doTERRA oils is why they are the only company positioned to continue growing globally in a sustainable way. And the main reason doctors + hospitals are beginning to integrate them, is because an expected/consistent outcome can be achieved which takes the human based research to the level it needs to be at.

One of the most appreciated elements, is that you can scan your bottle on the Source to You website, to see exactly what plant constituents (constituents are like the superpower ingredients in a plant) are in it and where in the world it was sourced from.
This provides a level of transparency that other essential oil companies are not providing and an assurance that the oil is going to do what you want it to do.

If you are an educator or influencer within the health space, you will want to consider integrating doTERRA at some point in the next few years.

I would love to give you your first experience of these oils and offer you the opportunity to integrate them into your business or sharing model.

More importantly, I want you to have the opportunity to upgrade your personal health in a new way as someone who is already doing so many things right in the area of nutrition, exercise + emotional health.

If you’d like to keep learning about doTERRA oils, I have a learning library right here on my website for you. Otherwise, continue on to learn about the love package I will be sending you.


 Okay so, in the love package I’m sending you, you’ll receive an intro kit of 3 x 5ml bottles of lemon, peppermint+ lavender along with a usage guide and a diffuser guide.

I want to give you some top usage suggestions for each oil I’m sending you. When you share how you’re using the oils on social media, tag me @hol_fit so I can share your post and help you find new people to follow you!

usage suggestions:




doTERRA sources lemon from Italy where the highest limonene content in lemon is found.
This is why it's one of the most cleansing essential oils …

Here’s how I love to use it:

  • Cleansing drinking water: I add 2 drops to a large glass or stainless water bottle. The limonene is very cleansing at the cellular level and this also is a more alkaline way to integrate lemon so it doesn’t damage tooth enamel

  • All Purpose Cleaner: To a glass spray bottle, fill with 1/2c vinegar + 1/2c water + 15 drops lemon.

  • Produce Wash: fill a basin with 1 tsp plain castile soap + 3 drops lemon + water. Soak produce for 10 min

  • Seasonal Allergies: add 1 drop lemon along with 1 drop peppermint + lavender to a shot glass of water and chug it back

  • Dressings + Marinade: Add 2 drops to salad dressings + chicken/fish marinades. (fave marinade is EVOO, 2 drops each lemon + basil oil, salt + pepper). I also love baking with it - here’s my lemon blueberry muffin recipe and my fave keto lemon blueberry loaf recipe. If you’d like to continue using it in the kitchen, here are some more recipes I love to make with the lemon essential oil: Zucchini Tomato Basil Salad, Quinoa Lemon Asparagus Salad, Lemon Berry Chia Pudding, Lemon Strawberry Yogurt Bark

  • Lemon is nature’s ‘goo gone’: Add a drop of it to remove sticker adhesives (like labels on picture frames), sticky gum and to remove marker stains! 

doterra peppermint HOL:FIT



doTERRA sources peppermint from Washington where the  highest menthol is found.
This is what gives pure peppermint it's cooling + clearing effects …

Here’s how I love to use it: 

HOL:FIT peppermint energizer
doterra lavender



doTERRA sources lavender from France & Bulgaria where the highest linalool in lavender is found
which is why it's so calming emotionally and for the skin:

Here’s how I love to use it: 

  • Relaxing Epsom Bath Soak: This is great to do before bed for deeper sleep and also to soften skin! To your bathwater, add 5 drops lavender to a little olive oil, 1 cup plain Epsom salts and 1/2c baking soda. I have a bunch of bath inspiration posts on instagram through if you search this #holfitbath

  • Skin calming: add 1 drop lavender directly to bug bites or bee stings. To create a topical solution that spreads farther on sunburns or skin rashes - add 2 drops lavender to 2 tbsp liquid coconut oil or jojoba oil.

  • Deeper sleep: apply 1 drop of lavender to a cotton pad and tuck into pillow case. 
    (or if you have a diffuser - add 3 drops of lavender to diffuser 30 min before bed) 

  • Face Masque DIY: I love making up this simple clay masque for my face - you could just use lavender for this until you have your frankincense + tea tree

  • Lavender Bath Bombs: Make Lavender Bath Bombs - the recipe I’ve linked up gives you a sweet way of making them into gifts!

  • Sleepy time cream DIY: This Whipped Lavender Sleepy time Rub is a simple whip up of coconut oil and lavender

doterra seasonal allergies

ways to use all 3 oils together:

  • Seasonal allergies: this is the ultimate combo! Most effective is to add 1 drop of each to a shot glass of water and shoot it back. You can also diffuse 2 drops of each to cleanse the air you’re breathing in. If you’d like to see more amazing diffuser blends - I’ve put them all right here for you

  • Laundry DIYs: Click here to read my blog post about how to make your own liquid laundry detergent and laundry softening salts. You can use the lemon, lavender and peppermint for both of these recipes!

  • DIY Dry Shampoo powder: I love this one and the peppermint in this trio gives you scalp a minty tingle:
    DIY Dry Shampoo Powder recipe

enjoy the oils!

I want you to really put them to work for you …
Try some or all of the uses I’ve given you over the next few weeks and post your experiences on social.
Be sure to tag me @hol_fit so I can share your post!

When the bottles have emptied, I suggest putting them in a bowl of Epsom salts to get out the last few drops of magic. Then use those salts in your next detox bath (1cup Epsom salts, 1/2c baking soda and soak for 20 minutes).

And then you can wash the empties and use them in the future for making samples for people or custom diffuser blends like I share in my diffuser guide


Next Steps:

When you’re ready to open up your own wholesale account to continue ordering at 25% off whenever you want,
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I’ve also done a short video walkthrough below of how to setup your account:


If you would like to earn commissions from sharing doTERRA with your audience,
you can choose from one of these options:

option one:

Setup your account as a Wellness Advocate: you would be the one enrolling people in doTERRA and would earn 20% commission each time. With this option, you would need to place a 100pv personal order each month and would likely have an interest in growing your doTERRA business. You can look at all I have avail to guide you right here, if this interests you.

option two:

Setup your account as a Wholesale Customer: and when someone in your audience is interested in purchasing doTERRA, you can refer them to me by having them click here and when they purchase I will PayPal you 10% of the commission! That’s all you would need to do through this option - no monthly order or business opportunity attached.

Either way - I’m excited to partner with you!



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