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DIY liquid laundry detergent

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Ok I think I know why you’re here …
You’re always on the hunt for effective + efficient ways to live an
awesome + natural + vibrant life …
You spend your time + your money intentionally…
Aaand you like the odd DIY project ... aka your Pinterest board is a tad overwhelming.

We have a lot of laundry spinning in our home …
As a Lululemon ambassador, I sweat daily in their clothes.
My husband leaves his gym clothes + fire gear in his trunk all the time.
And with 2 young girls, I do at least 1 load of laundry every day.

Today I'm going to share with you my super simple + natural …

Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipe! 

But here’s the back story on this DIY …
Back in 2012, I had a big problem to solve.
My 6 month old at the time, Emme, was suffering with eczema - it covered almost her whole body
and I felt like I had been doing everything possible to help her heal.

I was nursing her, eliminating everything from my diet that I thought was contributing,
I never wore perfumes or applied anything to her skin without checking the ingredients.
But there was one thing I had missed through doing all of that.

I was using a 'natural' laundry detergent that wasn't as natural as the label claimed. 
It had fragrance in it. And just like sugar in our foods - fragrance is the devil and it hides in everything!!

So this is where my journey to becoming the Modern Hippie Mama that I am today, began.
I tweaked and trialed many laundry detergents and finally came up with one that worked and didn't involve shaving down bars of soap or using ingredients that the jury is still out about such as borax. 

What you likely know of me by know is that I will never share something I don't fully believe in ... and I do the work, I research and experiment in my own body + home first.

This time in my life launched me into the world of DIY + essential oils.  
And this post became the most searched post on HOL:FIT so I know there are many mamas
out there seeking just like I was.

Not sure if you knew this about me but it might not surprise you to know that I rarely buy a
skincare, beauty or cleaning product anymore.
I stick to the basics - spending my money on quality ingredients that I can use in tons of different recipes.
It just never felt good buying $100 jars of LaMer skin cream or $45 jugs of Tide detergent that had so much fragrance in them my whole neighbourhood would smell like 'gentle rain'.

Ok so onto that recipe...
If you use Plan to Eat - here is the recipe link up

natural laundry detergent

Use between 1/4c - 1/2c per load (as you would normally use liquid detergent)

Cost Breakdown:

1c Castile Soap = $3.75 {based on Dr. Bronners $15/32oz} 
1c Baking Soda = $0.31
1/3c Sea Salt = $0.50
20 drops of doTERRA essential oil = $1.60
TOTAL = $6.16 for about 60 loads

I switch up which oils I use every time I make a batch but my fave combination is 10 drops OnGuard (protective anti everything blend) + 10 drops Citrus Bliss (smells like creamsicles)

Other oil combinations that work really well in this recipe are:

Peppermint  + wild orange
Lavender + Rosemary
Purify Blend on it's own
Lemongrass on it's own

Other Notes:

This recipe is safe for HE washers - but you will want to ensure you leave the door slightly open on all
HE washers after using so air can circulate.

I also suggest adding 1/2cup of this simple DIY Laundry Softening Salts right into the tub of your washer with your clothes to keep clothes staying extra fresh:

diy laundry salts

Ps … doTERRA also makes a liquid OnGuard laundry detergent that costs $35 for 64 loads,
which I always have on hand too - it’s awesome.
And their OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate for stains and tons of other uses too.

Happy DIY'ing!
If you enjoy this recipe - check out my Green Cleaning School eBook