HOL:FIT HACK: Remove Labels Easily + Repurpose your glass bottles

Who's ready for a little awesome DIY project to kick off a new week?

I love this discovery because it's not only easy but it upcylces something that most of us are not able to recycle in our areas....

DIY Cleaners

I am a bit of a glass hoarder ...

I have 2 cupboards full of empty masons and my pantry shelves are lined with glass containers full of pretty things to cook + bake with.
{you can watch my pantry tour video from a few years ago should you feel like it}

I purchase the large case of smaller perrier bottles from Costco and enjoy them daily with a little kombucha + doterra lime oil.
So let's just say I always have lots of empties...

But not a big fan of labels + sticky residue hanging around on my pretty glasses.
So in today's hack I'm going to show you how to easily remove the gunk and then turn those bottles into something very useful as a health trooper.

here’s the simple steps:

Fill a sink with hot water and 1tbsp of baking soda for every jar/bottle you plan to soak.
For extra quick dissolving - add 1 drop of doTERRA lemon oil for every jar/bottle.
The lemon oil just on its own will remove adhesive from anything {nature's goo gone}
Let the glasses soak for at least 10 min and do a peel check. Some bottles like Pelligrino + Perrier will peel off super easy. Steel wool will help to get that last little bit of adhesive off of the stubborn ones.

Store your masons for later use.
The sparkling glass water bottles are what you'll need today because they fit perfectly with standard spray heads!!!
This is great incentive to dump the harmful chemicals in your cupboards {ahem windex} and use the spray head for your new creations:

For more info on the oils, click here.

And if you love the idea of cleaning your home in the healthiest way -
here's the link to my Green Cleaning School eBook.

Peace, love + DIYing!