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In this blog, I’m sharing all the things I like to do when I’m preparing to travel.

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The packing ceremony


You might think I'm a little bit of a travel princess after reading this - this would be true 😘
It's just that once you travel this way, it can't be any other way haha ...

I've had this packing list written on neon post it notes in a notebook on top of my dresser for years, so I thought would do the adult thing by writing it out properly and share with you too!  
(Don't get me wrong though - I'm all about the neon post it note)

I travel about once a month and have my system pretty dialed in.
I also want to continue to keep my health high on my priority list - so you'll see some items on this list that help me do that. 
I suggest blocking out an entire day to prep + pack so you aren't stressed. And it's so nice to come home to a clean, organized home after a trip!

If travel prep was a ceremony - it would look a lot like the list I've posted below 💛
ps - I have all of the items I mention below listed in the travel shop for ease

The Travel pack list:


✔ Clean inside/outside of luggage for a fresh start. Tuck a few cotton balls with lavender + wild orange throughout. I use Away Luggage.

✔ Do a closet purge as you're picking out what to pack - drop off at donations bin

✔ Use travel bags to organize daily outfits + accessories. Label each bag according to event such as: Friday night dinner, Saturday am workout. Bonus - use to story dirty clothes during travel.

✔ Book to read + podcasts to listen to on phone (here is the link to my faves)

✔ Jewels

✔ Shoes: runners, flip flops, heels, flats (I love Rothy's)

✔ Makeup + self care items: don't forget sunscreen, tongue scraper, travel dry brush, Terrashield bug spray (see skin shop)

✔ Curling iron (I have my faves listed in the skin shop)

✔ Travel steam iron

✔ Travel blender

✔ Travel bulletproof packs + protein powder (see travel shop)

✔ 3L BPA free Water bottle (I clean this daily using the OG hand soap)

✔ Lumo or Brevi Diffuser by doTERRA

✔ Essential Oils: for diffusing, for cleansing your water (citrus), for skin issues etc. Find out if your hotel room has a tub - if so, bring a little bag of epsom salts for soaking at night with 5 drops lavender EO. To learn more about oils - click here.

✔ On Guard soap + hand pump (store in plastic bag). This is my fave travel tip - you'll use this soap to clean out everything and it's way better than the hotel soap!

✔ doTERRA Metabolic Gum (great for plane air pressure + for cleaning teeth after a meal)

✔ Phone + laptop charger

✔ Backup battery charger

✔ Fill Supplement case with the usuals: LLV, Mito, PB Assist, Terrazyme (all by doTERRA). Others to consider:

  • On Guard soft gels (high immune support)

  • Serenity soft gels (2 before bed for deep sleep especially if in new time zone)

  • Activated charcoal pills (in case we get bugged - don't take within 1hr of taking other supplements and drink extra L of water)

  • Kids chewable + Probiotic stix (both doTERRA)

✔ Look at the weather forecast (my fave is the Accuweather app)

✔ Do nails - if you have time do a home detox foot bath before painting. (I was actually doing this as I wrote this blog)

✔ Apply organic self tanner after exfoliating (doTERRA body scrub is amaze) 

✔ Check in for flight + pack passports

✔ Purchase travel data plan for phone

✔ Purchase Local currency for tipping.

✔ Food: if travelling to a convention, I love to line up Uber Eats or Door Dash delivery during the busiest times. Download the apps and then you can use this code for $20 off Door Dash: and on Uber Eats use this code for $7 off your first order: eats-angep46ue

✔ Book car rental if needed. I love using Turo - it’s the Airbnb of cars! Here’s a $25 your 1st rental.
Or here’s $5 off your 1st Uber

ps - consider opening up an American Express Platinum Card as the travel perks are insane!
You’ll have access to almost all VIP lounges at the airport, earn tons of points, discounts on rental cars and more.
If you own your own business - it’s wise to have a credit card dedicated solely to business expenses.


create space before you leave:

(Click here to print this list on a 1 pager)


✔ Inbox: Use boomerang + to clear it out! Put a vacation message autoresponder on

✔ Clear computer desktop (I love using 'clean my mac' for this)

✔ Clear room on phone for photos/vids (I will often do this while waiting for the plane to take off)

✔ Clean out fridge

✔ Have all laundry caught up and beds clean + made up (best feeling when you get home)

✔ Clean appliances in + out and unplug them all

If kids are staying with family:

✔ Leave their health cards

✔ Contact info for local person if needed

✔ Print my travel itinerary

✔ Write any items out from calendar

A lot of the items I’ve mentioned here can be found in my Travel Shop


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Happy travels!