The Travel Checklist


packing 101

You might think I'm a little bit of a travel princess after reading this - this would be true 😘
It's just that once you travel this way, it can't be any other way haha ...






I've had this packing list written on neon post it notes in a notebook on top of my dresser for years, so I thought would do the adult thing by writing it out properly and share with you too!  (Don't get me wrong though - I'm all about the neon post it note)

I travel about once a month and have my system pretty dialled in. I also want to continue to keep my health high on my priority list - so you'll see some items on this list that help me do that. I suggest blogging out an entire day to prep + pack so you aren't stressed. And it's so nice to come home to a clean, organized home after a trip!

If travel prep was a ceremony - it would look a lot like the list I've posted below πŸ’›

If you click the Travel highlight button over on Instagram - I've shared lots over the years on this topic:

(Click here to print this list on a 1 pager)

The Travel pack list:

[  ]  Clean inside/outside of luggage for a fresh start. Tuck a few cotton balls with lavender + wild orange throughout. I use Away Luggage

[  ]  Do a closet purge as you're picking out what to pack - drop off at donations bin

[  ]  Use travel bags to organize daily outfits - label each bag according to event such as: Friday night dinner, Saturday am workout. Bonus - use to story dirty clothes during travel

[  ]  Book to read + podcasts to listen to on phone (here is the link to my faves)

[  ]  Jewels

[  ]  Shoes: runners, flip flops, heels, flats (I love Rothy's)

[  ]  Makeup + self care items: don't forget sunscreen, tongue scraper, travel dry brush, Terrashield bug spray (see skin shop)

[  ]  Curling iron

[  ]  Travel steam iron

[  ]  Travel blender

[  ]  Travel bulletproof packs + protein powder (see travel shop)

[  ]  3L BPA free Water bottle (I clean this daily using the OG hand soap)

[  ]  Lumo Diffuser

[  ]  Essential Oils: for diffusing, for cleansing your water (citrus), for skin issues etc. To learn more - click here. (ps find out if you're hotel room has a tub - if so, bring a little bag of epsom salts for soaking at night with 5 drops lavender EO)

[  ]  On Guard soap + hand pump (store in plastic bag). This is my fave travel tip - you'll use this soap to clean out everything and it's way better than the hotel soap!

[  ]  doTERRA Metabolic Gum (great for plane air pressure + for cleaning teeth after a meal)

[  ]  Phone + laptop charger

[  ]  Backup battery charger

[  ]  Fill Supplement case with the usuals for us: LLV, Mito, PB Assist, Terrazyme (all by doTERRA)

  • On Guard soft gels (high immune support)
  • Serenity soft gels (2 before bed for deep sleep especially if in new time zone)
  • Activated charcoal pills (in case we get bugged - don't take with supplements and drink extra L of water)
  • Kids chewable + Probiotic stix (both doTERRA)

[  ]  Look at the weather forecast (my fave is the Accuweather app)

[  ]  Do nails - if you have time do a home detox foot bath before painting. (I was actually doing this as I wrote this blog for you!)

[  ]  Apply organic self tanner after exfoliating (doTERRA body scrub is amaze) 

[  ]  Check in for flight + pack passports

[  ]  Purchase travel data plan for phone

[  ]  Purchase Local currency

create space before you leave to promote deeper relaxation during your trip:

[  ]  Inbox: Use boomerang + to clear it out! Put a vacation message autoresponder on

[  ]  Clear computer desktop (I love using 'clean my mac' for this)

[  ]  Clear room on phone for photos/vids (I will often do this while waiting for the plane to take off)

[  ]  Clear our fridge

[  ]  Have all laundry caught up and beds clean + made up (best feeling when you get home)

[  ]  Clean appliances in + out and unplug them all

If kids are staying home with family: 

[  ]  Leave their health cards

[  ]  Contact info for local person if needed

[  ]  Print my travel itinerary

[  ]  Write any items out from calendar

watch the recording I did from a hotel room to show you my setup:

Happy travels!