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Welcome to HOL:FIT Talks!

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In this episode, I answer 10 of the most popular questions submitted for the show and I also open up
giving you a little health + business forecast for 2019!

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🗒 On Today’s Show:

Taking 10 of the most popular questions submitted and opened up sharing a few health + business predictions for 2019 ...


🙋 Questions submitted for this week’s show:

  • Q1:Any suggestions on prospecting businesses, drs offices, Spas, or schools with Doterra? How to start the conversation or get a meeting and what to research and bring? Been wanting to step out of my comfort zone for a while and just do this, but have never seen this example and appreciate any guidance. Thank you so much!

  • Q2:I would love to hear some content about mothering (e.g. Self-care and rituals for Mommas of wee little ones, oils to support this, etc.).

  • Q3:Your skin is amazing! I have used the doterra anti aging skin care line for about a year now. I honestly love the anti aging moisturizer but the cleanser, toner etc I don’t see any benefits in my skin. Can you tell me why you prefer the Verage collection? Pros and cons to both ? Thanks so much.

  • Q4:The patterns that you will see in yourself as you grow as a person and a leader in doTERRA.

  • Q5:I have several customers who are not on Facebook, do you have another method of delivering information for your doTERRA biz when customers do not have Facebook for educational tools that are specific for your customers?

  • Q6:How to create chamber or deep work space when you work from home in a small studio space with your partner? Tips on creating that container in such intimate space (and working from the kitchen table). Building doTERRA in a rural area...tips to reach out and connect building online.

  • Q7: What are some doTERRA products to use when trying to conceive & throughout pregnancy? Where is a reliable source to look up information in regards to these topics.

  • Q8: What is something that you attempted (a risk + out of your comfort zone) that was a “failure” but that ultimately, you learned a valuable lesson from? How did you unpack the lesson? Learning to “fail forward” in all areas of life is a skill!

  • Q9:I’ve been loving the BLL and have been loving all the organization of my time. I now have specific Doterra time set aside, and when it’s time I’m just not sure what to do exactly. How do you decide what specifically to do when you are working?

  • Q10:I feel like I am thinking above my rank. The things I want to do might be too far ahead. How do I step back?


  • What do you need to do to have more clarity in your life on what you are meant to do right now

  • What is the #1 thing you know you need to focus on in this first quarter?

  • What are all the things that could go wrong as you focus on moving the needle in this area and what will you do when those things happen?


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