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coffee’s on!


So … I loooooove coffee…

I’ve spent the whole first part of my adult life working with coffee and I’ve been a barista my whole adult life ;)

I love making it and I love the way it brings us together.
It even brought my man and I together when I was 18 and served him his first Starbucks ;)

I love the smell and I love it even more when coffee tastes how it smells …
and that’s what I’m gonna share with you today:

Coffee that tastes how it smells, filled with antioxidants, lower caffeine
and brain powering fats!

I’ve been starting my day with this brew every morning for the last 5 years since I first heard about this approach from Dave Asprey and his bulletproof recipe.
As you’ll learn - I’ve tweaked this recipe to holfit’ify it by lowering the caffeine + ramping up the goods to supercharge it.

And as I’ve been working on the content for our new Healthy Habits Program, I was writing out this recipe for the program and decided to vlog it and
share with you too!

Note - I have all the ingredients linked up in my healthy inside out shop below. For the tools/appliance - see the healthy home shop

video recipe:


First things first:

Let’s talk about the tools…

Grinder: It is so much better to grind your beans right before you use them. Keep your whole bean tightly sealed. I have this electric burr grinder which has settings to select what type of grind you want. I also have this hand grinder for when I’m just needing a little at a time … and it speaks my style love language of wood + glass ;)

Drip Brewer: I like using this when I want to be able to program coffee to start brewing early in the morning. I’ll often add a drop of doTERRA cinnamon to the grinds in the basket and it flavours it brilliantly as it brews. This is not my preferred brewing method though and you will not want to use a drip brewer to make the recipe I’m giving you here as it contains ground cacao which will clog up a drip brewer.

Pour over unit: I like using this when I’m wanting to brew just a small cup - such as an organic decaf at night.

French Press: Now this is the method I love 💖
It gives the richest flavour and is the best way to brew the recipe I’m giving you in this blog.

Most French Presses you will find will be the 8 cup size which is about 33oz of liquid. The recommended ratio is 2tbsp of coarsely ground coffee for every 6oz of hot water. So, I use 10tbsp of the ground cacao/coffee in my 8cup press.

In the video above I show you exactly how to brew the perfect coffee in a French press (also referred to as a Bodum)


The brew:

So in the video I showed you how I combine ground cacao + coffee for the brew as follows:
- 5 tbsp ground cacao nibs (such as this brand)
- 3 tbsp ground organic coffee beans (such as this brand)
- 2 tbsp ground organic swiss water process beans (such as this brand)

I will mix up a bulk amount of this in bean form using the ratio above and then grind enough to make 10tbsp of ground cacao/coffee mix to add to the french press.

Not only does this ratio taste amazing and create a lower caffeine brew, but it’s high in antioxidants, flavonoids and phytonutrients!

Other base liquids to play with:
- Dandy Blend (herbal instant coffee like brew made from dandelion)
- Crio bru (pre ground cacao - very mild flavour)
- Chaga tea: here’s a youtube vid I did a few years ago showing you how to brew this in a crock pot.

At night - I love mixing 1 tsp of Dandy Blend + 1 tsp cacao powder + 1/2cup warm coconut milk (full fat) + 1/2 cup hot water + 1 drop doTERRA Turmeric - so yummy!

Mix Ins:
- Grass Fed butter: such as kerrygold (unsalted)
- Brain Octane (MCT oil). Many people will use coconut oil which is fine, but it doesn’t promote ketosis as efficiently as MCT.
- doTERRA oils that blend nicely into this brew - use 1 drop: cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, wild orange, peppermint + turmeric

the recipe:

Make your base coffee/cacao brew and then add it to your blender along with:

  • 2 tbsp grass fed butter

  • 1 tbsp brain octane oil

  • 1 drop of doTERRA oil (optional but awesome)

  • if you didn’t use the cacao nibs to brew with, you could add 1 tsp raw cacao powder

Blend all together and store in thermos as you portion out to sip.
This will likely keep you full until noon. Integrate carbs + protein at that point … a big salad would be a great choice!

I encourage all women to increase their healthy fats and reduce the amount of sugars they’re taking in each day.
You’ll notice pretty quick changes in appetite control, skin suppleness + hormonal balancing!

ps… If you’d like to learn more about my daily routine, I wrote about it right here.


I’m so excited for you to try this recipe out - let me know what you think!
ps … if you are a part of our HOL:FIT oil community - we have an amazing program coming your way.

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