The Sunday Scrub

There’s a little date I’ve kept with myself every Sunday for years…

I gather my laptop, a notebook and mug of something velvety. I hit the Spotify play button on some jazz or my office playlist. If I’m home - I head to a little nook in my home that I’ve designated as the space for the Sunday scrub

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I spoke this past weekend to a room full of business owners, about currencies + investments.
And no - I haven’t suddenly pivoted into the world of finance, I’m clear on my calling 😘

I’m talking about the real currency we are working with in this life … OUR TIME.

Each week we are gifted with 168 hours to decide with … to live with … and this time bends in favour of what we prioritize.

In my program, The Beautiful Life Lab, the very first place you’ll start is in completing a time tracking log.
To access that honest data of where the 168 hrs are going. From there, you’ll implement practical systems for accessing our deep focus, our flow state and our intention for our life on a daily basis.

One of the routines that comes out of the lab, is to take time each week to floss your calendar and setup the following week for success. I believe in the power that simple routines have in creating a big ripple effect. Such as the evening 10 min tidy up … or saying goodnight to your kitchen. If you follow me on Instagram - you’ve seen some of these routines shared before. (You will see a ‘routines’ highlight button on my profile if you head over there)

So back to this weekly Sunday Scrub date I have with myself …

I do a series of things - it takes me about an hour and it sets up my week to feel expansive + impactful.
It helps me connect to my intention to not waste any time in this life. And what I’m sharing with you here is one of the most powerful time investments you could make.

In the lab - one of the worksheets I give you is a Weekly Lab to check in with your prior week to look for opportunities to optimize or blueprint going forward. And then to plan forward, ensuring that the most important things have been planned into your week first before anything else.

Such as:

  • The Food: With evening meals often being the most stressed time - plan them out using the Plan To Eat database. it then creates the grocery list which you can optimize by ordering online for pickup each Sunday afternoon.

  • The Workouts: Are there any group classes you want to attend? If you workout from home - write out what you’re going to do each day. Have a set time each day where you move your body for at least 20 min. I have some simple home workouts I’ve recorded over the years right here

  • The Top Priorities for the week: Have a look at what you’ve already planned into your calendar and see if anything needs to shift. Give yourself 1.5x the amount of time you think each thing is going to take. And limit yourself to a max of 3 important things to accomplish each day. It’s wise to have a ‘parking lot’ of items that you can get to if you have time, but only if your top 3 are done.

  • Queue content + value: Consider using a social media planning tool like Meet Edgar or Smarter Queue to plan out your posts for the week. Planoly is a great tool for using to map out your Instagram posts. Consider having a set day each week for content creation and then you can decide on Sundays how + where to circulate it.

  • The Personal Development: This is often overlooked but a really important element if you’re committed to your growth. Decide how much time + when you will develop your mind/heart/skill set each day. And decide what you’ll be reading/watching/listening to each day of the upcoming week. If you queue up podcasts to listen to - you’ll be less likely to fall into the Netflix vortex. I’m an audiobook nerd and listen to about 3 hours a day on Audible. If you’d like to see my top book + podcasts recommendations - I have them listed here in the HOL:FIT library

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.49.15 AM.jpg

After I’ve done the above, I also like to go into the week fresh by:

  • Clearing the desktop of my computer + emptying the trash. I also love to use the Clean My Mac app to cleanse my hard drive each week and keep my system running fast

  • I have the inbox at zero (I teach you strategies for this in the lab)

  • And then i love to have a big dinner at home on Sundays and nice long lavender epsom salt bath before bed. Bonus points if I have the time to give myself a DIY salt scrub, DIY mani + detox foot soak ;)

Okay - I know you may be thinking this sounds like it will take a lot of time. And in the beginning - it will.
But after a few times doing it, you’ll find your groove and will find it takes about 90 min total. But the magic plays out all week as you feel like your earning back double time each day.

I’d love to hear from you - do you have a routine you do before a new week begins?

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