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Welcome to the Sept Q + A:

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Questions answered in this episode:

Q1: Do you use sunscreen daily as part of your skincare regimen?

Q2:  How can I better handle an unsupportive situation with my own spouse with respect to my business?

Q3:  Do you get responses about doTERRA being an MLM?

Q4:  How can you give the oils a voice to people who are rooted in conventional medicine?

Q5:  What are your top tips for staying organized and intentional during this transitional time of the holiday season coming up? How do you rock the last 90 days of the year?

Q6: You appear to be a woman of faith, would you mind sharing some of your rituals? 

Q7: What is one piece of advice you wish you had when you started your doTERRA business?

Q8: Best oils for acne?  

Q9: Is Ready, Set, Glow safe to do while breastfeeding?

Q10: How do you first start the conversation of oils so it’s not so sale focused?

Q11: If someone says they are interested in oils, where do you start them off without overwhelming them?

Q12: What is one must read personal development book that changed your outlook?

Q13: With cancer in your family, what are the 5 things you’ve done to feel like you have given yourself the best chance to avoid getting it yourself?


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